De’Andre L. Rucker - an American Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker, is the CEO and Founder of over 19 companies settling in at a networth of over $10M. Specializing  in Brand Development, Business Management, Consulting, and Investment Planning, De’Andre L. Rucker is also an expert in real estate, engineering and fashion. He has created over 140 jobs, both nationally and internationally,  in places like Tuscaloosa, AL, Ottawa Lake, MI, Mexico, Toronto Canada and his hometown, Chicago, IL.


Rucker Holding is the parent company of Rucker Cigar Lounge, Rucker Cafe, Rucker Capital, DLR Warehouse & Logistics, Rucker Graphics and many other local and multinational companies such as, Quality Mindsets, an engineering firm which provides outsourcing for quality assurance and control services to automotive manufacturing giants and suppliers such as Ford Motor Company, Lear and Chevrolet. Quality Mindsets provides Quality Control and Technical Services for Automotive Companies in over 14 states in the United States Midwest Region, making it one of the largest Quality Control firms in America.


More recently, De’Andre L. Rucker launched The Millionaires Project. The Millionaires Project is a business coaching workshop which was designed to produce a number of millionaires through a series of workshops, mentoring activities, resources and services. De’Andre L. Rucker’s loan lending company, Rucker Capital, and financial affiliates offer guaranteed business loans to qualifying participants, entrepreneurs and small businesses who successfully complete the workshops and other required benchmarks.


De’Andre L. Rucker speaks privately and publicly as an advisor, consultant and motivational speaker. He is booked for many personal appearances, interviews and nationally broadcasted tapings. He is the author of many books that share his experience with credit repair, real estate investment, creating businesses and generating leads. His latest book “Credit Monsters” is amongst the Best Sellers List of Books and Authors and is released as an ebook a circulates as a hard copy throughout the world.


De’Andre L. Rucker is a known philanthropist who demonstrates social responsibility and makes it a priority to reinvest in youth, the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburban communities. De’Andre L. Rucker participates in various toy and home giveaways as well as dedicating himself to causes that promote economic development.

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